Mentors traveling to India – Phase 1 Mentors, will be expected to:

1. Travel to at least 2 workshop cities.

2. Participate in the 4-day workshops in each workshop city.

3. The first 3.5 days will be spent in interactive workshops with Mentees.

4. The remaining 4th day will be spent interacting with local organizations, NGOs, universities and policy leaders to promote the Entrepreneurial ethos.

Mentors offering remote mentoring - Phase 2 Mentors, will be expected to:

1. Be available to meet with up to 5 of the 25 selected mentees, once every month, for six months (Total commitment of 18 hours over 6 months).

2. Be available to be spokespeople for the Project on an as needed basis

Phase 1 mentors will be required to:

1. Participate in weekly calls in December 2017, January and February 2018, and as needed thereafter to:

a. Help develop the course content based on topics identified.

b. Help develop workshop format, as needed

c. Help monitor success of the program

2. Offer suggestions on organizations with which TiE Global may collaborate to amplify the program.

3. Fill in surveys at the beginning and completion of the Project.Estimated 8-10 short surveys.

4. Suggest ways to improve the effectiveness of the project including amplifications, impact, sustainability and scalability concepts