Topics Focus
Topic 1: Entrepreneurship – Formalizing an understanding. This interactive session will allow participants to explore their own definitions of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial role models. To make this an energizing class, the discussion will be promoted by inspiring entrepreneurs that can engage the student by sharing their stories. Key takeaways for students are: How does an Entrepreneur earn wealth? Pro and Cons of being an Entrepreneur.
How can Entrepreneurship become an effective career option for Women?
Topic 2: Gender Bias – Recognition & Resolution Gender bias can exist within families, in the market place, within sources of funding and within pools of employee talent.
This topic will discuss how women entrepreneurs pro-actively recognize Gender Bias and address it.
Topic 3: Business Model Canvas To promote participants thinking about their business ideas, it is important to give them a context, a business lens, to look at new opportunities and assess their viabilities as a business. The goal of this session is for the students to start thinking about their revenue model – who is my customer and how do I get paid for my product or service? By exploring the different types of business models and understanding their value proposition, students will see new opportunities to make money for their products or service.
A business model canvas is a very important tool.
Topic 4: Marketing Any business needs to find the way to reach its customers. Here the participants will be encouraged to think about the essential purpose and thinking that goes with marketing their service or product to its key customers.
A special focus will be put on digital marketing methods to reach out to a broader, potentially global target customer base.
Topic 5: Finance Probably the toughest and most important aspect of the course is to give these participants an appreciation for financial requirements in a business plan and operation. Additionally, local speakers from within Indian banks and other Non-banking Financial Intermediaries will be invited to discuss “Indian Government “Schemes� to support the launch and growth of small enterprises and those backed by women.
Additionally, growth through strategic alliances will be discussed.
Topic 6: Legal Considerations This session will provide the students with the overview of legal aspects of a business and protecting their ideas so that participants gain an appreciation for the legal requirements to launching and starting a business.
TiE will seek to invite a local practicing lawyer to the extent possible, to answer participants questions.
Topic 7: HR & Operations Mentors will leverage their experience in running businesses to address challenges within HR and operations. How best to optimize supply chain and run their company effectively.
Topic 8: Elevator Pitches: Presentation & Communication Skills An Elevator pitch is critical for a business owner for all stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers and funding sources.
In addition, it is critical that the participants learn keys skills they are required to build and present their business ideas and will sustain after the conclusion of this journey. Some of the key long-term skills are
» Teamwork & Team building skills
» Leadership & listening skills
» Project management
» Presentation skills
Topic 9: Business Plans Finally, in order to provide the students with an ability to coalesce the learning and also put into action what they learnt, they will be given a road map of the entrepreneurial journey for which the starting point becomes a business plan.