TiE Women Testimonial

First and foremost I felt I should make my team members in the organisation also learn what I learnt in the three days. I made my own presentation and then formulated a neat elevator pitch and explained to them how it is important that even they should learn about it. I then asked them to work with me on the SWOT analysis and Business model canvas. I was thrilled to hear some points which I never thought of including. It was a nice collective assignment that we all did and my people felt happy to have been included in this. We also discussed how the weaknesses can be converted into strengths. As a team we formulated some solutions to make the weaknesses into strengths in the next financial year. I also explained to them some of my ideas in making it. I also explained my USA partner about the whole program. My USA partner lives in Santa Barbara, USA and now she is inspired to join one of the TiE in California. Like the above there a lot of take aways that I think I have from the three day workshop. Each and every point covered was extremely helpful for me. I have started to think if I want external investments in the future how I should start doing my ground work now. Since mine is social enterprise I have been thinking how I should make the company visible to strategic investors around the world.

Overall the three day workshop was a wholesome experience and the dedication of the mentors is something that still astonishes me and inspires me. It was an eyeopener in many senses. Thank you all from the bottom of the heart for the wonderful experience.

Warm Regards,

D.Shree Bharathi