TiE Women Testimonial

It has been an enriching journey through Phase I & II of Project AIRSWEEE, an incredibly momentous initiative of TiE Global, funded by U.S. Department of State with the objective of promoting Women Entrepreneurship in India.

Having someone to lookup to and turn to for advice will get you everywhere in your career. It is not always easy to find that special someone who has the time to be your mentor. AIRSWEEE has created a wonderful platform to match us with extraordinary business women in our industry. We are impressed by the way Project AIRSWEEE has been structured and executed. From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely appreciate and thank the team behind this.

We can see, feel and experience the transformation of all the women entrepreneurs who have taken part in AIRSWEEE. "Every Person is a New Door to a Different World." We have drawn a lot of inspiration from our beloved Co-Mentees. We are now much stronger, sharper with a better business acumen. Sreeal is progressing exponentially.

This opportunity turned out to be a blessing. Thank You AIRSWEEE!

Warm Regards,

Sneha Raj & Sahitya Raj (Founders of Sreeal Technologies) - Sreeal Technologies with www.sreeal.com