TiE Women Testimonial

This mail is a proof of how much of a positive impact AIRSWEEE has made in my life. If i were to speak of everything i learnt in those 3 days, you might need 3 days to finish reading my mail. So I want to tell one particular change i made and its effects. On day 2, 28th Feb, while we were doing my SWOT analysis, I was talking about building my brand. Then, Komal and Seema suggested that i should consider taking in partners who would buy in bulk, which would in turn keep the money flow steady, and then i can keep working on building my brand, which is a long journey. Hema mam too insisted on the same. There was this one chain of stores (18 stores in Chennai alone) who were really interested in our coconut oil and wanted to purchase in bulk and brand it under their name. I was very reluctant to entertain that and was postponing the conversation for weeks, because i was fixated in building my brand. Taking after my mentors suggestions, i initiated the conversation the same evening. They responded immediately, met with them after coming back to Chennai and closed the deal on Saturday, 4th march. If all goes well, this might be the first step of a long relationship.

Got a big fat cheque too :) This is just one area where they guided me in the right direction, so many other values they imparted on us during those 3 days.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Tharakeshwari P, (www.fivepventure.com)